Thursday, October 6, 2011

Xbox 360 to launch new TV and film services

Microsoft has launched a new bid to make the Xbox 360 gaming console a comprehensive home entertainment device by adding new TV and film services including the BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm and Channels 4 and 5.

The services, which will launch by Christmas, will also integrate with the console's Kinect controller, meaning that users can control their television through gesture or voice. Nintendo's rival Wii console has included the iPlayer for some time, but Xbox has previously run into wrangles with the BBC because it charges some users for access to its Xbox Live services, which have traditionally hosted on-demand, paid for digital content.

 Sarah Milton, Head of VoD at Channel 4, said it made sense to make 4oD available on Britain's best-selling console. She said it was "continuing our strategy of making content available, on demand, where our viewers most want to watch it".


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