Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to Earn and Make money online

1- Sign up for Paid to Click Sites PTCs
What are PTCs ? These are sites which Have members whose role is recruit other members and they click adverts from Various advertisers for pay from 0.0001 to 0.8 Dollars per click from 10-60 Seconds.
Members earn when they click ads and when their referrals click ads
Members also earn when there referrals upgrade
Member earn both points which can be used for advertising or converted into cash

The Site earns money from advertisements and renting referrals

The best way of making money on a Ptc is make sure you have a number of sites like 10 or 20
and start clicking them simultaneously to save time  after making enough money you can upgrade and earn more per click then have referrals who can be rented or directly from your social and family network.

After making more money you can start your own site

Trust me this will being in more money.
Start with low payout sites
Here are afew
1- Clixsense

These Payout on Average 1.5-10 Usd
Then move on to High Paying Sites
3-Clix 200
4-Clix 300
5-Clixeria Max 

2- Do Simple Tasks 

3-Blog /Vlog 

4-Write Articles 

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