Monday, July 18, 2011

The real deal on debt ceiling talks

The debt ceiling debate rages on, with President Barack Obama daring the GOP to call his bluff and Sen. Mitch McConnell declaring a deal impossible with this White House. These days, it's hard for most Americans to sort through the red-hot mess that is Washington.

In a gerrymandered America, extremism sells at the polls and in the world of political talk. Fact blurs with fiction and simple math becomes fuzzy.

Here are 10 truths about the debt crisis you won't hear over the next month from the halls of Congress or the West Wing.

1. Barack Obama doesn't want a deal.

Political theatrics aside, Obama has no political interest in putting together a grand bargain to resolve the debt ceiling crisis. The president and his team know that after two years of tactical blunders, the White House finally has the GOP on the run.

The mishandling of Paul Ryan's budget has bled into a long, hot summer of stupid human tricks by Republican leaders. Even taking into account big media's built-in bias against small government, the GOP has allowed itself to look intransigent, dogmatic and dumb.


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